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Clever Twitter Lists That
auto update

Do You Even List?


Point Scoring Systems

Award users points for actions such as retweeting or replying to you. Set how many points are needed to be in the list.

Automatically Updating

Lists update frequently with people added/removed to keep the list relevant and live.

Add and Remove Users

Forcifully add or remove specific users to yours lists, to increase relevancy.

Update Emails

Get notified when your list has been updated and view the changes made.

Share Results

Tweet images of your top friends/retweeters to thank and engage with them.

Custom Lists

Don't just rely on our templates, create your own awesome lists with all of your own point settings.

List Templates

Your Top Friends

People currently interacting with you on Twitter
  • Updated weekly
  • Users awarded points for replying to your tweets & mentioning you
  • Users that have 10 or more points to be in the list

Your Top Retweeters

People who have recently been retweeting you
  • Updated weekly
  • Users awarded 1 point each time they retweet you
  • Anyone who has retweeted you in last two weeks is in the list

Alternatively, create lists using your own point scoring schemes using our custom builder.

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